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Welcome to the 21st Century Community Learning Centers (21st CCLC) Profile and Performance Information Collection System (PPICS).

The purpose of this system is to collect basic information about 21st CCLC programs across the United States.

PPICS was created in 2003 at the commission of the US Department of Education (ED). The system was built to help ED track 21st CCLC programming following the transition from federal to state administration, which took place in 2001.

Each year, PPICS is used to collect program data from some 3,000 21st CCLC grants covering close to 9,000 centers serving 1.5 million student attendees.




2013–14 APR
The Annual Performance Report (APR) for the 2013–14 reporting period is now open and available to state users of PPICS. Grantee users of PPICS will not gain access to the 2013-14 APR until your state 21st CCLC program staff has taken steps to open the APR in your state. When this occurs, you will receive an e-mail from Learning Point Associates if you need to complete the APR for the reporting period in question. In order to receive the e-mail announcing the opening of the APR in your state, please ensure your state contact has your current e-mail address.

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